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Socialtap is a cooperative video production agency that works with growing businesses to develop visual training programs to help workers succeed. Our focus is on the worker and providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to perform their daily roles to help your business grow and achieve its long-term goals.


Why Socialtap?

At Socialtap, we’re here to help your company cut down on expensive worker training programs and provide accessible and engaging content that will help retain employees.

Why video? Our video training programs are unique to each client we work with and versatile to fit the needs of your business and the people helping run it. Video is interactive and a more cost-effective way to train workers and there are studies and stats to back that up:

  • COST-EFFECTIVE: 85% of every dollar spent on training is spent on delivering it
  • ATTENTION: According to studies, workers are 75% more likely to watch a video than read documents
  • INTERACTIVE: People only remember 20% of what they read but 80% of what they watch and do
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Video training is accessible to everyone anywhere
  • RETENTION: Successful on-boarding makes employees more likely to stay at a company

What’s next?

Call us or email us and we will sit down with you and help find a visual training solution for your business. We take the time to learn about your business, and we’ll tailor the content we create to fit into your company’s long-term human resource goals.

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operating costs

We seek to learn what makes you special and bring it to life with our informative and engaging content.


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We are flexible with our rates and we will work with any size company to develop a comprehensive visual training program. 


We tailor each of our visual training programs to our clients, but our process typically involves the following:

Research & Onboarding

We want to know everything there is about your company and what processes make it function most efficiently.


Development & Planning

We will work with your company leadership to come up with the core goals you want your training program to achieve.

Creative & Execution

We will produce, edit and provide content that will be shared with your current workers and new hires to help them grow.

Wrap-up & Delivery

Once finished with production, we work with your organization to figure out the best distribution method of the content to your workforce.

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